Hello, my name is Alex and I am the founder of KTZ Coaching & Consulting and creator of the Modern Software Leadership methodology. Here is a brief introduction of where I’m coming from and what I have to offer. I look forward to collaborating with you!

Software Engineering

First and foremost I am a software engineer. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelors of Software Engineering and have been involved in professional software development for more than 14 years across USA, Canada, and Germany working on everything from low level debugging to cloud architecture design. Most importantly however, no matter what role I take on in an organization, I always remember what it is like to be in the shoes of a software developer.


I have been leading software teams for more than 6 years on projects such as VoIP, computer vision, artificial intelligence, smart glasses, and autonomous driving verification. In my most recent role, I am responsible for overseeing the software activities of a multi-billion dollar organization that includes around 140 developers and 40 projects. I have always focused on building high performance teams with long-term success in mind. I put a lot of emphasis on culture, team spirit, technical vision, and developing each team member while establishing core values like mutual trust, collaboration, and team unity. This is the foundation of a high performance team and in my experience, this approach has proven to produce exceptional results.

Personal Development

For me, this means asking the big questions in life: What do I really want? Why don’t I have it? Who do I need to be to get it? Personal development methodologies have had a massive positive impact in my personal and professional life, and I have regularly applied such techniques to become a more effective leader, rapidly progress my career, and just live a more fulfilling life. What I enjoy most however, is helping people become better versions of themselves. This is what I am truly passionate about and the reason for launching a career as a specialized consultant and coach. For me, there is nothing more gratifying than guiding and empowering someone to realize their next level.

Alexander Kliotzkin


Frankly speaking, leading software teams is hard. You need to be a technical expert, a competent leader, and a compassionate mentor and coach while navigating the natural ups and downs of every day product development. That is a lot of different roles one needs to take on, and each one takes years to effectively develop.

I have gone through the learning curve of leading software teams in various organizations ranging from early stage start ups to multi billion dollar corporations, and in process I have developed a proven methodology called Modern Software Leadership.

Modern Software Leadership is a combination of software engineering fundamentals, leadership methodologies, and personal development techniques. Using this methodology, I have been able to successfully define technical direction, deliver high quality end products, and develop high performance teams for long-term success.


Take stock of your team

As the leader of your team or organization, you are fully responsible for the results and the current state of the teams you manage. If you are reading this, chances are you would like to achieve at least one of the following goals:

Improve throughput, quality, and productivity

Raise employee morale and motivation

Attract & retain top talent

Increase initiative, innovation, and creativity

Get buy-in from developers

Improve developer competency

Learn how to effectively hire software developers

Identify key staffing needs

Reduce toxicity within teams

Establish a healthy and productive culture

Build a brand new software team

Deploy a significant change in your organization (change management strategies)

Focus & clarity on direction, purpose, vision, and mission

Develop leadership skills of technical experts

Re-organize the organization structure to better align with current needs and future growth

Effectively scale software activities

Lasting solutions

At the end of the day, it’s all about results, bringing added value to your customers, and building for long term profitable and sustainable success. As a business, you cannot achieve success without the people developing your product and make no mistake, the people are your organization’s most important assets. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to invest in the development and well-being of the people and by extension the leadership of your organization.

KTZ Coaching & Consulting can help you achieve your goals and set your organization for scalable and sustainable long term success. Together, we develop effective solutions that are not “hacks” or short-term fixes. The focus is on empowering people in your organization and providing them with the necessary tools and mindset to effectively manage whatever issues may be encountered on the path to success.


By combining technical proficiency, leadership experience, and personal development methodologies, I am able to deliver exceptional value to my clients.


High performance teams

Emotional intelligence

Effective communication

Establishing your power

Purpose, vision, mission


Team lead role & responsibilities

Establish effective processes

Agile methodologies

Technical vision & direction

Software development lifecycle


Develop a healthy culture

Organization structure

Staffing & recruiting solutions

Change management

Build a new software team


Emotional well-being

Discover your purpose

Improve focus & productivity

Accelerate your career

Influencing people

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My definition of success is when you no longer have a need for my services and you can confidently say: “Thank you for everything, but now I got this!”. Let’s work together towards reaching that goal!